Music education is like teaching universal communication.
Whether a 45 minute music lesson, a songwriting class that teaches to emote lyrically or a jam band music lesson that inspires teamwork and comradery the most magical aspect of music is connection.
We are a music community, where music education goes beyond the single lesson.

At White Key Studios we strive to have students enthusiastic about coming to music lessons and motivated in practicing on their own time.
We offer lessons to people of any age, any experience level and any musical style. 

​We've incorporated an open space music lab and recording studio for our students to rehearse, collaborate, practice and further learning while benefiting from their peers and progress.
We created this house of music to build a community of musicality. ​
Our Staff
At White Key Studios we believe that we are only as good as our team, our people.
The expectations of our staff members are very close to what we would expect of band members.
Their ideas are embraced, their experience is respected, their individual teaching styles are crucial and their passion is paramount to the success of our school.
If we had to sum up our teacher's job description in one word it would be, motivator. 
We place great importance on a unique method of teaching that keeps students motivated and excited. Our personalized student assessment and teacher pairing creates a strong, effective and fun musical mentorship. For every student's individualized learning style, we have a passionate, qualified teaching style to match.
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